A Family Owned Pizzeria Providing More Than East Coast Favorites to The Community

New pizzeria with flavors that fused traditional East Coast appeal with flavors of Italy and the Southwest.

Tucked away in a strip center, by Potranco Ranch in San Antonio, Sofia’s Pizzeria does not project an assuming appearance. Yet this cozy, brick-and-mortar restaurant hides some incredible flavors—and a whole lot of heart. The restaurant was founded in September of 2019 by Alan White, who left his corporate job to start a fresh new pizzeria with flavors that fused traditional East Coast appeal with flavors of Italy and the Southwest.

The pizzas are light and fresh, with a thin, airy crust and fresh ingredients. Each dish is perfectly composed with a thoughtful choice of ingredients. Despite the emphasis on Italian cuisine, more traditional American flavors show up as well. The chicken wings, a favorite of reviewers, come in a variety of flavors and present a fresh new twist on a traditional family favorite. In particular, the buffalo ranch wings are a favorite—one customer commented she’d never tasted any wings that were quite so innovative. The Philly cheesesteak comes hearty, fresh, and slathered with cheese—comfort food distilled to its essence.


Sofia’s Pizzeria projects its hominess into other facets of its design as well. The restaurant is invitingly snug, with a casual, cosy ambience. This is a family-run and family-owned business, and the care and compassion this family shows is evident in every aspect of the design—even right down to the restaurant’s name, which White named after his daughter Sofia. When asked what his favorite thing about running a restaurant was, White responded with, “Being able to help the community.”

Sofia’s Pizzeria fulfills that in an unorthodox way. Its Pies for Kids program is an unique offering wherein each month, the restaurant chooses a different children’s nonprofit to sponsor and donates a portion of their proceeds to them—a fact that only furthers the incredible spirit of community behind this place.


In short, if you ever find yourself on the west side of San Antonio and craving pizza—or any good, hearty comfort food, really—this is a place you won’t want to miss.

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